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The Children’s Kidney Fund is a Northern Ireland based independent charity aiming to help children and their families benefit directly in a variety of practical ways. It was set up by a parent in 1999 with life experience of caring for a child with a chronic kidney condition.

Toys, crafts, gaming devices to relieve the boredom, the stress of hospital stays, dialysis sessions and as distraction during less pleasant or painful procedures are purchased through the Charity.

Expenses during lengthy or unexpected hospital admissions are subsided by the fund. Holiday grants are given on request for much needed breaks for families living daily with kidney conditions, or day trips/family outings for families with the constraints of dialysis.

The Fund contributes to the expenses of a Children's Team attending the annual Transplant Games, children showcase the benefits of transplantation and highlight the health to which children achieve after a kidney transplant. The Games also give children and their families with similar life experiences to opportunity to meet outside the hospital environment.

A family fun day has now become an annual event providing a social event for all the family to enjoy. 

Equipment to facilitate home care and minimise hospital stays are also purchased through the charity.

The Fund supports the education of the multidisciplinary team, keeping the renal team update with innovations and current practices in renal care and medicine.

The committee considers all requests made by families.

We've helped many families throughout NI

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